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Network in Detroit

The University of Dayton has more than 1,8501 alumni in Detroit and surrounding areas in Michigan. The University’s Career Services Office works closely with its School of Law graduates and will assist alumni from the American Bar Association (ABA)-approved Online Hybrid Juris Doctor (J.D.) program with a variety of employment needs, including career changes, in Detroit.

In recent years, Detroit, has experienced an economic rebirth due to private sector investments and collaborative efforts with the public sector. America’s “Motor City” is now rebuilding from the ground up, adding nearly 150 new businesses and 1,500 new residents since 2013. Now, more than 50,000 people work in the Detroit metropolitan area. Because the city is creating more reasons for locals to stay and attracting new residents, Detroit’s economy is in a period of stability and growth.2

Career and Salary Outlook in Detroit

Between 2018 and 2028, employment opportunities for lawyers in Michigan are projected to grow 1%.3

The average annual wage for lawyers in the Detroit metro area is $122,810.4

Upcoming Events in Detroit

Alumni communities are a great way to stay in touch with classmates and other graduates, and learn about new initiatives happening at the School of Law. Alumni volunteers in Detroit host local events including networking opportunities, community service projects and game-night parties.

Learn more about the Detroit Alumni Community and upcoming events.

Additional Ways to Stay Connected

Even if you live in Detroit, you can stay connected with the School of Law community through various resources and initiatives. However you decide to stay involved, your contribution will be appreciated by your classmates and future students. Below is a list of additional ways you can stay connected after graduation.

Alumni Association – An organization designed to foster community and promote the active involvement of alumni. All graduates from the University’s School of Law are automatically members of the Alumni Association.

Law Alumni Directory – A tool for alumni to find and connect with former classmates and other graduates from around the country.

Alumni Weekend – The largest event that the Alumni Association sponsors; all alumni are invited to bring their families to Dayton to catch up with faculty and friends.

Learn more about services for alumni at the School of Law.

Why Law@Dayton?

The Law@Dayton program is delivered online, so you don’t need to relocate to Ohio from Detroit to take classes. Through the School of Law, the ABA-approved Online Hybrid J.D. program prepares you to sit for the bar exam and pursue a career as a licensed lawyer in Detroit.

Earn Your J.D. Online While Living in Detroit

Learn how Dayton’s Online Hybrid J.D. program prepares you for a career as a confident lawyer in Detroit.

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