2U, Our Program Partner

We have partnered with 2U, Inc., to power and support the Online Hybrid J.D. program. 2U offers leading colleges and universities the infrastructure to bring programs online, integrating with our systems to create a seamless student experience. 2U partners with other University of Dayton schools, including the School of Business Administration and the School of Education and Health Sciences, to power programs in a range of fields.

Through our partnership, 2U provides the following services:


2U powers the University of Dayton School of Law’s virtual campus, which acts as a digital hub for students and faculty. As a student, you will connect to the virtual campus to participate in your live classes, complete coursework, and meet with classmates and professors outside of class.


You will complete coursework in your program, which is designed and created by University of Dayton faculty members in conjunction with 2U’s content development team. 2U works closely with professors to help translate their academic vision into compelling content and trains faculty on how to maximize the potential of the hybrid online classroom. By using the latest technology, students are invited to take part in an interactive learning experience that facilitates collaboration with peers and faculty.


Through all its partnerships, 2U amasses data that helps each of its partners find the right students for the right programs. The University of Dayton School of Law works with 2U to identify and reach students who are not only qualified for our ABA-approved online hybrid program but who are most likely to succeed in it.


2U support teams act as a resource for both faculty and students across the life of a program. From tech support to enrollment assistance to externship placement, 2U teams are available to help you achieve success as a student in the program.

To learn more about our partnership with 2U, contact an admissions counselor at 855-992-9059 or email us at admissions@onlinelaw.udayton.edu.